Moringa Miracle Book

Moringa Miracle Book

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    Africa Moringa Series Ebook Launch

“We are pleased to announce that the Moringa Hub Series eBook #1 launch soon.”

Africa Moringa Series No.1 E-Book


Moringa E-Book compiled and presented by the members of Africa Moringa Hub (AMH).

It's 50 pages contain valuable information about Moringa and its uses.  The subjects covered are food value, recipes, nutrition, tea processing, soap making, marketing, and agriculture.


Africa Moringa Hub (AMH) is the Pan African Network of Moringa friends, gathering together people who produce, process, retail, consume, or carry out research on Moringa. It aims to promote the advantages and benefits that the Miracle Tree of life provides to the population for its wealth and health.

To achieve its goals, AMH has launched the Africa Moringa Series (AMS) which is an editorial project for the promotion and spread of Moringa through publishing booklets on various aspects of that gift of God.

The first booklet of this series gives its readers among others the opportunity of revisiting Moringa under the agricultural, nutritional, commercial, animal feeding as well as Tea processing aspects. A selected list of Moringa Recipes in the booklet constitutes finally the icing on the cake.

We wish our readers a pleasant reading under our Slogan:

Eat and Plant Moringa!

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