Exposing the Lies & Deception with Imported Moringa Leaf & Seed Suppliers from Cameroon and other Fraudsters!

Posted by ~E.G.Plott~ on 12/25/2016 to News
Beware Ever Purchasing anything from This Dealer from Cameroon https://www.facebook.com/amidou.torres & https://www.facebook.com/Moringa-Seeds-Leaves-Suppliers-1055789227810414/.   Go ahead and observe how he uses convincing pictures of Moringa seed powder videos and pictures to con his unsuspected prey into believing that he is an authentic vendor of Moringa Produce; rest assured HE IS NOT. There are many scam artist out there trying to get you to send money via Western Union or Money Gram etc, because after you send them money, you might never see it again. Kratom vendors from Indonesia have the same risk as well and we have an article you can read about how we offer an insurance solution using our Card Processor BUYER & SELLER Protection program in order for you to gain a leverage of protection or insurance upon buying from overseas with our Flash protocol. The article to learn more is here: https://thekazweh-com.myshopify.com/blogs/news/flash-charging-into-the-future-with-lowest-rate-no-downtime-no-holding-funds 

  Especially Herbs such as Moringa Oleifera. We were going to at one point contract a company and man from Cameroon, in particular we were getting word that Moringa Connections was collaborating with this company on Facebook known as "Moringa Leaves & Seed Supplier" and even used the MC (Moringa Connection) Logo. However TheMoringaQueen.Com, TheKingMoringa.com, and TheMoringaKingdom.com ( All real company's that are run by PlottPalmTrees.Com Productions at TheKazweh.com) all #1 Ranked Online Superfood Stores; We have had real life analysis  as our own super enhanced elevated Moringa Produce. We have Moringa Ormus Gold fed Mineralized rich soil conditions that allows our Moringa Freeze Dried produce to be of a more superior quality than others. Even though many other businesses can make this claim, we actually have scientific evidence though mineral content, antioxidant reading, and nutritional analysis proof to back up our factual claims. There is no doubt that health food store Moringa is lacking, read more about that here: 

BREAKING NEWS: Before You Purchase Moringa, MUST READ!

Buying from India has a new hybrid Moringa called PKM1, which is acclaimed that it has a higher yield rate, and stuff like this, however it is lacking biophotonically as a genetically mutated Moringa variation that is no longer the natural strain of Heirloom Organic Moringa. We can obtain this Indian breed of Moringa PKM1, however we do have the true all natural wildcrafted Tradition Organic Moringa Oleifera form, which I personally recommend and prefer, as all the studies about Moringa come from this version of the Tree. There are actually 12 different genus in the Moringa family and this one makes for the 13th. I have an article about how Moringa has hundreds of names around the world and has been used successfully around the world as the leaves that have healed nations for thousands of years. I will post this article below. DO NOT BUY from just anybody from import, especially from Frauds in Cameroon. I hate to single out anybody, but in particular, any business dealings I have had with these people, I have always been ripped off. Make sure if you are dealing with our MORINGA CONNECTION group affiliation, that you go through me or Joshua Haruna from this Network, so we can confirm that you are getting from our reputable line of Suppliers. We are a legit company that you can always get fresh raw organic emerald-golden green Moringa Leaf powder, Deshelled Seed Powder, Moringa oil, Moringa Seedlings, Moringa Seed, Moringa Extract Droppers, Moringa Veggie Capsules, Moringa Teabags, Moringa Bulk special deals (Buy 4 Pounds and we will give you 6 Pounds for free = Total 10 Pounds )