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Helps to let go of old beliefs and concepts about reality, about what is possible and what is not.

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Osmium has been shown to help improve basic trust, to heal anger, grief, frustration and resignation based on unrealized potentials and visions, to connect to the higher energies, to intensify the force of creation, to create a solid field of space & time which is ready to receive and hold future contents, to create a multidimensional compatible vacuum. Osmium will also support transition to the next era, allow you to receive superior wisdom, visions and potentials, support leaders of evolution, make it easier to realize new things and to raise awareness of the current reality, raise awareness to existence and importance of spiritual fields and creative forces, germination, root age and growth of visionary seeds, link between mental power (Quantum field) and realities on earth, creation of a new self (personality, human being, awareness-soul-self), activation of dormant chakras, brain, glands and areas of DNA.

Osmium also smooths the walls of the intestinal tract, is an anticoagulant, increases stomach acids and enzymes for more efficient digestion, and calms the heart. Pound for pound, it’s the strongest of all metals, and this is reflected in an increasing muscle and tissue strength and stamina in the user. It is also said to increase the presence, efficiency and distribution of oxygen, and, therefore, assists in more efficient and uninhibited circulation. Over the last few years, it has been gaining some serious ground in health and healing circles, especially in peak performance athletics. 

All of our products contain 250,000 parts per million of monatomic powder with the remaining ppm being distilled water. Real monatomic powder is near weightless under certain conditions, so you have to add something to it to be able to measure it, whether that be a dry filler such as other companies use to keep it in powdered form, or a liquid such as ours. The problem you get when you are adding dry filler is that anything you add to it can affect its potency and its ability to work as a superconductor. Water allows it to be measured without harming its potency.  



1 oz.


10 drops – one full dropper per day. One ounce should last one month if used everyday.


Water, Monoatomic Gold

All are products are made from 99.99% pure metallic elements Alchemicaly transmuted into Monoatomic form, then mixed with purified water. 1/4 monoatomic powder mixed with 3/4 purified water giving it a concentration of 250,000 ppm monoatomic element.


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