My Story, How Dr.Earth Man Eric Plott Came to Be

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My Story, How Dr.Earth Man Eric Plott Came to Be
"My Story of Earth Man Eric Plott",FULL Entire Script:

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ONE WORD, "KRATOM" look it up on This guy EricGeoffrey Plott site, he Has KRATOM which helps with Constipation like nothing you can ever find in NATURE.

It is a all natural pain relief and energy, focus, motivation BOOSTER or ENHANCER, That really works no BS! You can even work a 9-5 on it, it is more effective and safe that a cup of coffee, without the additives or addictive traits. Look it up and if you see anything bad written or said about it, TRUST US, IT IS ALL HYPE, Right now MILLIONS of Vets and People dealing with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Chronic Pain ARE ALL TAKING THIS AND THE DEA ARE TRYING TO YANK IT AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE. There was even a Protest keeping it around in Washington DC recently so it doesn't get banned or Legalized as a schedule 1 drug as Marijuana. Plus for me, Weed makes people feel lethargic and depressed over long-term usage, it can lower ones ambition and motivation as well, make you slowed down. This is what I love most about how Eric, who is a Natural Holistic Herbalist Nutritionist Doctor, and how he mixes this one plant with MORINGA....
All Natural Route and his Moringa and Raboni Master MoringaSOP mix herbal blend literally REVERSED our Cancer and Prevents it daily. You got to get ahold of this guy.


Moringa K Video explains how to take KRATOM and WHERE YOU CAN GET. IT THROUGH HIM LEGALLY and How to take it and what it does:

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My Story says it all, from being abused and sick from hardships growing up and becoming homeless to finding God and the connection to the light above and against all odds of darkness to creating my own over night sensational business plan and two years later from the age of 18 getting invited and accept to enroll in Harvard university. Literally from the streets penniless, to Ivy League in just two short years; from honor society in a community college to success with a Billion dollar idea that won four awards for its idea and wound me up on the news, radio, won film festivals, and was interview twice on I cure Cancer from Zen Live Tv, and Healing Out Loud from Pet Rescue, all for discovering The most nutritional and antioxidant health supplement formulation that I created and have supplied world wide as a renowned
Expert on MoringaSOP K and wholefood Plant Based holistic nutritionist on health and superfoods
From Cornell university and medical plant and Oncologist researcher from Harvard university.
Let me tell you "My Story; How the Earth Man Eric Plott Came To Be"

My Story will be online soon at

yes it is. I have a few herbal superfood powders that are super effective at removal of all toxins better than all the other herbal remedies combined. Many people are not open to it because they hate nature or they don't like gods creation and rather not give it a try. So they get sicker as I have been holding a real deal miracle plant in my hand since 2008 and even after they hear this; they still don't care. I produce the most nutritional and antioxidant plant ever discovered from heirloom organic in raw form. So it isn't the junk health food store bought garbage that actually is a toxin and is counterproductive.

I have the real department neglected in nature form of this tree that is hand picked with love in true wild craft life form.

The plant has all nutrients micro and macro our body needs, over 24 wholefood vitamins and 98 nutrients, 48 live active antioxidants for building the immune system and reversing HIV and cancer, 38 anti inflammatory's for pain and inflammation reduction in joints and nerves.

Has all 8 essential amino acids and 18 out of the 20 amino acids that exist.

Our Moringa is the only Moringa that has very high optimum amounts of live b12 and all b complex vitamins bacteria life.

This plant also has omega 3,6,9 many times over vs fish oil without being a animal product.

This is one complete food that has high levels of protein and is a superfood more powerful than hemp and tofu (regarding protein) put together.

You can literally thrive and live off this one plant with no problems and never be lacking or deficient anywhere.

It is known as the miracle food. It has over 400 different names; virtually known worldwide as a mother's best friend.

It can prevent and reverse over 400 different minor and terminal illnesses.

The seeds when crushed can purify almost all, 99% or so, of all bacteria ridden dirty water or pollutants without hindering the taste.

Moringa can offset the nasty western diet S.A.D or Standard American diet.

It can end all world malnutrition and starvation immediately due to its high concentrated forms of nutrition.

It lacks no where and it is safe to take with nearly all medication, drugs and approved diets

You can consume all parts of the tree as each part is therapeutic for different things to the body.

Moringa oil can be used for beautification as Cleopatra did, or as a bio-fuel to start and run engines as a efficient fuel.

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Moringa Queen of The Century Pic:

Ultimate Truth about Ancient Moringa Queen Oil RAW LIFE ATOM from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

Moringa Queen of The Century Pic:

"My Story: How Earth Man Eric Plott Came To Be" VIDEO:

Moringa Half Century Vegan Hottie PLOTT PALM TREE GIRL for The Century 2018.
50 years young and overcame cancer and living the life meatless and dairy eggs free which =M.E.D. AND S. A. D. (Standard American Diet)
We don't DIEt but we livit (Live it)

Thanks � Eric Plott for helping me with my life style and health consciousness with Moringa K and Wholefood raw organic fruits, veggies and nuts. I feel amazing now and people need to change if they want to be healthy and stop making excuses.

I'm Donating My Birthday Give the gift of a donation, and help me reach my goal. MORINGASOP BOX TRAIN For Cancer Tee Spring Cure Research. TheMoringaQueen.Com and RAW SUPERFOOD PRODUCE That actually works at Reversing and Curing Cancer.

This is my deal for you and this will be MoringaMoney com soon. We bought that website so you all can make money here.
Yes it's like who cares if people want to be to themselves. It's important to recluse to your cave now and again. Weaker minded people need constant chatter or socializing which means they are codependent on others while introverted people are much more capable on relying on themselves and not caring what others think. Today especially because you cannot trust just anyone these days. You set yourself up with pet goat ½ mentality because people are all dumbed down and just using you for their motives anyways. Whether apparent or in secret almost everyone today in tougher times, are more prone to just using you which might even lead to abusing you.
Yahushua did isolate himself for 40 days to meditate and listen to his father Yahuwah. For guidance he did this and he was trying to teach us what he does and portray it as a good thing to do, in order to get close to our father and creator of the universe. He is the publisher of our life and if we go to him for that direction by asking we will be more spiritually in depth instead of ineptness which many people have who need socializing constantly. Or they need to be narcissistic and mindless self indulged with themselves and hearing themselves talk to other people is important, kind of like this post.
People who can't be still and allow God to move in, are less spiritual and have challenges knowing what their overall purpose and divinity is. All you have to do is ask the creator what to do or why you were made and he will tell you.
People who can't do this, often allow people or peer pressure to determine what they want for your life. The world will choose, if you can't choose to MAKE YOURSELF BY CHOICES of getting right with God and drawing closer to him who made you. Repent from a sinful life and get right with the spiritual laws that are presented before us in the holy book the Bible.
People who are more quiet and reclusive are usually highly Intelligent and they are not so weak minded to have to constantly have attention drawn to themselves. These people usually are isolating from others, because of lack of trust from being harmed or hurt in the past, they also might not want to fellowship with darkness, as it does direct in the Bible to REPROVE of darkness; flee from immorality, so you don't become unequally yoked.
It's not difficult to lean on him and read his words and be calm in peace and know he is God and you will obtain serenity, peace , happiness, joy, gentleness, forbearance, love or charity, kindness, faithfulness, and these are the fruits of the spirit one receives when they live in the light of consistent righteousness (Doing what is right according to obeying and fearing Yahuwah, abiding by the Ten Commandments and Yahushua's teachings from Matthew 5-8 King James Version bible ). This sort of piece is the peace of mind or heaven within people all are looking for. We all have a hole we wish to be filled.
As living proof I know I have the Holy Spirit within and this happens when we accept that in our life and believe to have faith with actions to love our Neighbor and not judge others, give to others in secret charitably, to be a peace maker, to be with only one companion or lover that is opposite sex, strive for a healthy conscious and life style that consist of the non violent or murdering diet of bloody animals but rather Garden of Eden "Wholefood Raw Fruits , Veggies and nuts " in fresh hand picked organic form.


Funny Song called "Shame on you DEA, Keep KRATOM Legal "

Green Malay Kratom Affects of Euphoric Pain Relief Feel good that Feels safer and more natural than a Opiate:

This was the last update I saw him post, he doesn't like to post advertisement when it comes to serious matters, but this is A MUST HAVE GOLDEN BULLET, that far exceed what Cannabis can offer in so many areas. If you don't know about it, please watch that video, it is the MOST NUTRITIONAL AND HEALTHIEST PLANT Ever Discovered. Do you know what Optimum Nutrients can do for you and mother?

Raboni Master Moringa Mass Impaler Mancinia Manbogia

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Ultimate Truth about Ancient Moringa Queen Oil RAW LIFE ATOM

Moringa Pet Mix is also just lauching with a company that is purchasing my exclusive patent pending formulation found at

Why Don't Dogs Live Forever _ GOLDEN LEASH PET PRODUCTS:
Dogs and Cancer and HOW TO OVERCOME IT, Even for Humans to Watch:

Funniest Joke of the Year:

Why is Israel almost VEGAN NATION? Garden of Vegan ISRAEL IS ALMOST A VEGAN NATION-Hebrew Vegan Movie:

Where a Cure is Possible
The New Moringa Queen Site.
our Reviews
Let me share before you the astonishing Master blend....Raboni Miracle Master Moringa Gold Mix found here:
Great news! Dr. Plott is now available to you right from your smartphone or computer for virtual treatment using HealthTap.
Accept Dr. Plott's invitation today, and you'll be able to schedule virtual appointments.

Our hearts go out to those impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These are tough times when basic access to necessities and trusted medical care can be hard to come by, we have a solution; here are the following:
- Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott founder and CEO
Plott Palm Trees health tap productions

Eric Plott has been asked to
Help victims by answering questions and offering tips on these hurricane-related medical issues:
Moringa Pet Mix:

Floodwater injuries
Infectious disease (bacteria, microbes)
Skin rashes
Mosquito bourne illnesses
Mental health
In Good Health,
The HealthTap Team


Here is only one page of his testimonials USING MONATOMIC ORME Minerals as A Result

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Video explains deadly toxins in your dog and cat food, but good news, we found a solution; through a holistic all natural route to boosting nutrition with an astonishing new pet supplement. Made for the pet owner who loves their pet.
What is Moringa Pet Mix:

Must-Watch video on why Dogs can't live forever here:

Eric G Plott
Is a Harvard plant researcher and plant based nutritionist from Cornell university. Eric goes on the scene to give a swaying poetic research justice with a honest review evaluation of dog food and his experience and soul searching results for discovering a real life health optimizer and wellness procurement, for your pets and loved ones.


RAW LIFE ATOM: Greatest interview ever on Flat Plane VIDEO HERE:

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