Climbing The Cliff of Skeptics

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YOU: Sure, I want to prove it to myself! That your product is different Eric Plott...

I actually bought some Moringa capsules when I was at a health food store, but I didn't notice any difference. I don't know so much about them nor how many to take or how often and how I could gauge how well they are working for me.

ME: Well it was dead
This is why we try to educate people on getting raw fresh Moringa leaves as that is going to have the beneficial effect not the store bought that sits up on the Shelf dead...
Now if you were to refer 4 people and buy only one bottle of our moringa K 100x vegan caps
You get into the money pile
With an investment
12% commission for each person you bring under you
And then 4 people they each bring in after you...(It Gets Better when you read my Matrix Formula)

YOU: What amount is the bottle of Moringa?
How much is the price?

ME: You get healthy and wealthy
Only 48.88
Click this right quick: 
Moringa K Starter Kit
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YOU: I would agree with that. 
And that's for 100 caps? How many mg or what size are they?

ME: The big size
00 (750mg each - almost 1 gram each)
You get your moneys worth with us...
I promise you that
Our stand is that we want to give more produce at a higher quality for the most affordable and reasonable price ever in history.

YOU: That is barely enough for a month at 4 per day. >$500/yr is expensive.
But will that truly affect me as I am only eating Amy's Organics, GT's Kombucha, alkaline water, EVOL frozen foods (mostly organic) I rarely eat anything that isn't frozen and microwaved.
Remember, for the first time in my 56 years on this planet, I am totally ALONE and to be honest, I HATE IT. 
The solitude will kill me as I can't take being alone. I have felt like a wanderer most all of my life.
Never feeling a sense of belonging on this planetary existence we find ourselves.

And actually the hundred Vegan Caps can actually be pushed to 3 months give or take you don't take it everyday it cetera. And most health supplements that are high end Moringa are $300 a month for the more higher quality products...
You have to consider this if you bring four people in under you and each one of them purchase the Moringa K bottled 100x veggie caps, you are getting that bottle and half the price, since we're giving a 12% commission rate and if you do the math with 4 people under you you make nearly $20 or so for that run of the month..
Then that cuts a year's supply in half because as long as everybody is subscribed they also are getting 12% commission for the four people they bring in. (YOU CAN ALSO ALWAYS REFER MORE THAN 4!)
On average again real Moringa cost nearly $300 or $1000 a month supply
Depending on the true quality
There for you are paying 25.42
A monthly bottle instead of 48.88.
Which is 305.04 a year, when you simply get 4 people under you, and if you aren't good with people, just simply ask them if I can contact them or they can call me about the Most Nutritional Life saving plant in the world. I would be glad to set you up with a downstream of 4 people in no time, you surely know at least 4 people that are struggling with their health and need the most optimum nature supplementation known to man. And that is super cheap for bettering your health and not going to a doctor... Prevention is the greatest known cure after all. 

YOU: But I don't have time to go out and sell to others.

ME: You don't have to sell all that you have to do is refer people and in which you can get me, to refer people under you, I will do all the work for you. As a business partner and friend spreading the word on a truly remarkable perfectional tree of our time. 
So you give me your uncle and a friend Johnny, the person down the street and a brother or mother, my information with their confirmation of approval. I can give them a call with their acceptance, to get them signed under you.
Say three out of four people that you referred signed up, I will help you get the fourth person so that you can get the commission each month.
You really don't have to do much work at all except share your knowledge of this plant to 4 people and that's it. Of course getting more people will get you higher levels/down slides in the funnel prayer level or tiers.
Say I help get 8 consistent people under you to join the Moringa Kingdom Alliance get a free bottle of moringa each month...
And I would end up writing you a check because if you had 8 people under you you are getting a commission of 93.8496; You are going to want to stock pile it in our savings investment account however, as you will add up quite a lot of invested stock all for yourself, with no strings attached, or hidden fees/catch.

Which in turn, pays for the bottle of moringa and each month I could write you a check of 93.85 minus 48.88, if you wanted to check out each month and spend your part of your profits.
You would get paid $44.97 for no work at all...
So you might get inspired to get more people on your funnel
Think about it maybe...

I see, however I'm of the mentality that I HAVE to be absolutely sold on a product before I can sell/endorse it. So I'll go ahead and order the starter kit as I have a lot of things to return to Amazon from the camping trip I just took for the first time in my life.

MONEY DOES GROW ON TREES, If The moringa wasn't Green it would be GOLD. Being Valuable as Daylight itself is a great start when You Eat These Leaves Now. Is This Just Luck That we can all Be Blessed with this Produce in a Pill Superfood Medicine? Our Astonishing Vegan Caps Offer you a Stress Release from all your Problems? Well, I can't Promise anything, Rather I Can Start your Voyage on the Fresh Leaf to Success...Are you Ready for a Breakthrough? What do you Have to Lose? Other Than your Health! All you do is eat on these Capsules we have Dished out in Organic Form and be on your Busy-way. Astonishing. Don't Settle for Dead Moringa. Don't Come to us. We Will Come To You. You Can Thrive Now!

So I'm going to buy a bottle of these just to satisfy my curiosity as to how much different I am going to feel and how to measure this and I think you'll respect my touch and go manner of checking new things out. I want to be able to tell someone why I'm feeling so much better (if this occurs) I'm obviously a bit skeptical about anything new which is good, but I do have the faith and trust of my friend Eric Plott that would never allow me to go down a wrong path or deal with me anyway other than fair and full of integrity.

This is why I left, we go out of our way to get the green pure produce.

If this goes as I think it will, you'll have another spokesman for your product and a strong one as well. I do hope you approach those people at the Tatanka Ranch and tell them when I was there a few weeks ago, I saw where they could really make the 15 acre pond look great is by planting some of the Plott Palm trees which are hardy even in our cold winters!
I rarely eat any freshly cooked foods since Mom passed.. I've been living in a daze since then and eating Amy's Organics tv dinners since then. .

Amy's lacks nutrition though...
At least it is organic...But Moringa would fulfill any meal lacking nutrition with the proper forms of health food to feed the cells, in order to build up our DNA's Cell Structure to our body. Considering Moringa as all the Essential Amino Acids and Omega 3,6,9; as well as high levels of B12
 (Only our Fresh Raw Moringa K)
We are doing a special thing, with you in mind. 

As an adopted,only-child, it is devastating to me to not have anyone to help nor communicate to/with.

Astonishing. Moringa K Starter Kit 
Adversity can wear you down. Rise to the top with this unique blend of herbs, minerals and nutrients. 4 tablets to a day, 25-30 days per bottle. There's enough energy in this tiny bottle to fuel the human body.

I respect that and I am exactly like you, I went down this same path, trust me; when my dad had diabetes, 
I was way skeptical to believe this could work and I tried it anyways and WAS DISAPPOINTED. 
I discovered however that the Moringa I was buying in the store was BROWN and dead, it
tasted like peanuts and it was suppose to be GREEN and rich...a strong tasting Spinach taste...
I began actually growing the Moringa and eating it fresh raw
and I gave my dad the new Moringa produce
his diabetes luckily did go away!
he has been off his insulin over 4 years now (and all his Medication as well)
and I am blessed to be able to tell this story this way
I won't let you down Sir...
I said the same words to my dad

That's great as I have a cousin who suffers from arthritic pain as well as diabetes.

see, and if you find that the science of moringa works for you, maybe it can make a believer out of you, as it has me, and My friends and family.

Done.. I'm buying the $48.88 bottle and we'll go from there... :)

ME: You Miracle Moringa K Bottle is on it's Way!
Okay, keep in mind I ship out and you will still have 30 days to decide if you would ever want to give that other deal a chance. Just letting you know a friendly reminder...
THANK YOU so much for your support in trusting me with this first step in your health journey life
I want you to know I really do appreciate this.

I know you do, you've always been an honest and sincere person with me and everyone you do business with...
Where do I enter my CC information for purchase and shipping?
I got a confirmation number but haven't entered in any CC information yet.
There's no place I've found to enter in my credit card information, do you not have it set up to do online transactions?
I don't think this is going to work as there's not a place to input any crucial information i.e. Credit Card numbers ..

Okay check your email, I sent you an invoice with the info you put in.
It is a brand new site and getting our banking set up takes time apparently; I didn't think we would run into that
but let me know if this works via email... WE ALSO DO PERSONAL SECURED SQUARE INVOICING VIA EMAIL.

It went through nicely!

Thank You So Much You Rock!
Please let me know if you want me to send you any extra information on Moringa to read...
I will send you a dosage informational and all the science your brain can absorb. There are thousands of studies on Moringa and many other superfoods that I can source you with. Legit backed research papers and studies that would really blow your mind. It's really essential to understand this is not just another Health craze or "Miracle snake oil herb", this is the real deal Plant of the Year in 2008, according to the National Health Institute, "The Healthiest, most nutritional tree ever discovered". That should hold a lot of merit when considering why we have over 600 plus life changing testimonials here: 
and everything.

Sure, I want to prove it to myself! 
Okay, sounds great

you are a Life Researcher Sir!

YOU: I've been trying to go to the store for nearly a week and haven't made it there yet.